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DCJ is a third party freight forwarding company that is involved in package and mail forwarding which started its operations in May 2019. The services available are specifically tailored for both businesses clients and individuals. Once you have completed our registration process, you will be issued an overseas shipping/mailing address in the United States, to which all packages will be shipped to.

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Ship from anywhere in the world! China, Canada, Japan, USA, United Kingdom and Africa.

On Time Delivery

We guarantee a fast, reliable and safe shipping service. We deliver to anywhere you are!

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Packages will then be transported to Jamaica via Airplane on a bi-weekly basis – on Mondays and Fridays following which they will be available for customer pick-up the following day. When you choose DCJ you- get the most affordable and convenient way to shop online!

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Our Services

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Air Freight

We provide Air shipments from the United States, and China with deliveries to all parishes in Jamaica. Special rates for Businesses who ship frequently.


Sea Freight

We provide ship by sea from US, Canada , UK, Japan and China with Africa coming soon. We ship and pack barrels and boxes from all mainland US states.


Land Freight

We provide land services with bearer and food deliveries in Kingston and the Metropolitan with a full roll out in other parishes coming soon.


Customer Service

Our warm courteous staff will keep you inform with all the best deals online, to include deals on freight charges. So come to DCJ Couriers for the best customer service available.


Live Tracking

Whenever your packages reach our warehouse you will be able to track as emails are sent when your packages are scanned at each location until its picked up or delivered to you.


Delivery Services

We handle your packages with great care and take precautions to ensure the shipment is secure. We offer on time, fast and reliable delivery services right to your door.

Our Features

We Are Trusted Logistics Company Since 2019

Live Tracking

Whenever your packages reach DCJ Couriers warehouse you will be able to track its movements, right to your doorsteps.

Delivery Service

We guarantee a fast, reliable and safe shipping service. Cant pick up at our location? Don’t worry, we deliver to anywhere you are!

Low Rates

We have the most affordable prices around compared to our competitors. If you have any doubts just do a price comparison.

Our Rates


Weight (LBs) Rate ($ USD)
0 lb to 1.5 lb 2.99
2 8.00
3 10.50
4 13.00
5 15.50
6 18.00
7 20.00
8 23.00
9 26.00
10 28.50
11 31.00
12 33.50
13 36.00
14 38.50
15 41.00
16 43.50
17 46.00
18 48.50
19 51.00
20 53.50
21 56.00
22 58.50
23 61.00
24 63.50
25 66.00
26 68.50
27 71.00
28 73.50
29 76.00
30 78.50
31 81.00
32 83.50
33 86.00
34 88.50
35 91.00
36 93.50
37 96.00
38 98.50
39 101.00
40 103.50
41 106.00
42 108.50
43 111.00
44 113.50
45 116.00
46 118.50
47 121.00
48 123.50
49 126.00
50 128.50
51 131.00

How It Works

We have very simple steps to make your shipping process easy breezy.

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Smooth Registration

Register at dcjonlineja.com. After receiving registration confirmation which includes account number and your US mailing address, place info in the trusted online shopping site of your choice.


Shop anywhere online. The world is yours

Now its time to shop till you drop! Shop online from any reputable store with your Visa Card or Credit Card! But wait, dont have one? No worries, you can use ours. Just ask us how today.


Pick Up or Collect!

When the item is shipped to the US address of our US hub, you will receive a notification along with the next proposed shipment date to Jamaica. Come and pick up or we will deliver your package to you safely.

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Smile and Shop Again!

Wasn't that easy! We make shopping online the smoothest process you will ever come across. So simply that you should not hesitate to grab something else you will love online, knowing that it will reach to you in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See common questions asked by other customers and their answers.

  • What are the rates?

    Rates depend on the size, weight and value of the item being shipped. However, we guarantee the lowest rates available in the industry.

  • What do I need open an account?

    You will need to provide us with your Tax Registration Number (TRN), your name, address, email address and telephone number.

  • Will you open my packages?

    We will not open your package unless you specifically request to have a particular package opened. However, from time to time Jamaica Customs will open a package to verify the contents which is to be expected and is beyond our control.

  • Can there be more than one person assigned to one account?

    You can have as many names (individuals or businesses) on a single account as you wish with no additional fee.

  • How soon will my package arrive in Jamaica?

    This depends on the time it takes for a purchase from a vendor to arrive in our warehouse, some shipping methods are much quicker than others. Once the item is received, it takes 2-3 work days and shipping twice per week for your package to arrive in Jamaica and be ready for delivery. This is also dependent on there being no airline delays or hold at Jamaica Customs.

  • What is the chinese address?

    China Air Freight address
    Air Freight/Shipment Address Chinese: 广州市增城区永宁街道奥园誉峰3栋304
    English address: Room 304 Building 3 ,Aoyuan Yufeng ,Yong Ning Street, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City

  • What do you ship per location?

    China to Yaad: ( Airfreight and Seafreight) All merchandise to include parts, Boxes , Containers both FCL and LCL………Airfreight rates as low as $9:50 USD per pound

    Japan: (Sea Freight) Importing vehicles, parts, Boxes , Containers both FCL and LCL. Call or whats app for rates

    United Kingdom: (Seafreight and Airfreight) Barrels, boxes and all merchandise. Call or whats rates

    Canada: (Seafreight) Barrels, boxes and all merchandise. Call or whats app for rates

    Africa: ( Seafrieght ) Coming soon

    United States: (Airfreight and Seafreight ) all Mainland states door to door pickup and delivery Barrels, boxes, all merchandise. Check website, call or whats app for rates.

PLEASE NOTE: DCJ Online Shopping Experts is not responsible for packages, pallets, boxes, or any items belonging to any customer left after One month without payment and will dispose of items boxes, packages, pallets belonging to any customer to recover cost for storage, duties and any shipping cost associated with said item, package, pallet, and boxes.

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